Vacuum packing machine

This vacuum food sealer machine is suitable for sealing package bags made of various film such as plastic film, aluminum foil and complex film etc. Releases your hands and puts the bag without pressing any switch. The machine will automatically seal and operate conveniently.It is widely used in pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy use and other packaging industries.


Multi-function vacuum atmosphere packaging machine has complete functions and can be used for intermittent single seal packaging. It can also be used for vacuum packaging or vacuum filling and packaging of inert gas. With no chamber double gas nozzle mechanism, it is not limited by the size of the vacuum chamber and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for packing articles with lower vacuum degree and higher aeration purity; for example, double heating can be used for heat-sealed thick plastic composite bags.



  • 01Can seal plastic film or bags of various materials in various shapes
  • 02This unit has an automatic counting function that can calculate the workload for one hour or one day.
  • 03Releases your hands and machine will work automatically.
  • 04Constant temperature control.
  • 05This kind of seal machine fits for the seal of plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, compound bag in the industry of the


1.It’s suitable for foil bags, plastic bags, composite bags sealing, the sealing device has a solid, high efficiency; simple and compact structure, small size.

2.Shape appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption; operation and easy maintenance, etc., is an ideal sealing machinery.

3.Portable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, long service life, small capital investment.



It can seal plastic film in various kinds of materials.Sealing machine widely used in: food, pharmaceutical aquatic, chemical and electronics industries.Sealing machine can seal all kinds of bags without width limit,Kraft paper, fresh keeping bag, tea bag, aluminum foil bag, shrink film, food packaging bag, etc.

Parameter Data

Power source
220-240V 50-60HZ
Hot sealing power
Vacuum pump power
Sealing bar size
Vacuum pump stroke volume
Film thickness(single)
Machine size

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