BG-450 Rotary up-paper pillow packing machine

It’s suitable for the solid object with regular form. Such as biscuit, chocolate,bread, sweet, commodities and industrial parts and so on. The bulk cargos is put in a box and form a regular object, then to be packed.


The machine working starts with a cylindrical roll of film. The flow wrapping machine will transfer the film from the roll and through to the forming collar (sometimes referred to as tube or plow). At the same time, a conveyor has lined up individual products for wrapping. The film is fed through the collar and the product is surrounded with film, sealed and the film is then cut. The finished individual product is then gathered downstream to be bagged or cartoned prior to boxing and palletizing.


  • 01Bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
  • 02Interface features easy and quick setting and operation.
  • 03Self failure diagnosis, clear failure display.
  • 04High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
  • 05Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packaging different materials.
  • 06Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
  • 07Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
  • 08All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.


  • 01Efficient: Bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, date / lot number achieved in one time.
  • 02Intelligent: Packing speed and bag length can be set through the screen without part changes.
  • 03Profession: Independent temperature controller with heat balance enables different packing materials; Dual inverters controller, upgradable PLC system, self-failure diagnosis, double encoder. 
  • 04Characteristic: Automatic stop function, with safe operation and saving the film.
  • 05Convenient: Low loss, labor saving, easy for operation and maintenance.
  • 06Adapability: one set of machine can be applicated to different kind of product via optional devices, such as air-filling device, feeding line, etc.


One Packing Machine Is Able To Pack Various Kinds Products, Like Food, Medicine, Daily Appliances,Cosmetic,Metals,Industrial Parts, Boxes, Trays, Toys. It Also Can Connect With Other Production Line Working .The Packing Machine Integrate Bag-Making, Filling, Sealing, Cutting, Heating, Date / Lot Number Achieved In One Progress,Packing Speed And Bag Length Can Be Set On The Touch Screen Without Changing Any Parts Of The Machine.

Parameter Data



Film width


Bag length


Bag width


Product height


Film roll diameter


Packing speed


Power specification


Machine weight


Machine size



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