SL-100 Semi Automatic Manual Square Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine is suitable for labeling various plastic/glass/metal square bottles and flat surface with self-adhesive label.It's electric and pneumatic driven,high performance,can do more accurate positioning,widely used in cosmetic,beverage,food,medicine etc,it is an ideal label equipment which can improve the productivity effectively.


This customize flat bottle adhesive labeler flat labeling machine is dedicated to special product labeling, which is applicable to a variety of specifications of the bottle and lid with self-adhesive label, With the features of simple operation, high precision accurate labeling.



    • 01Applicable scope, can meet the flat surface labeling of sqaure bottles. 
    • 02The semi auto square bottle labeling machine is high accuracy of labeling, the acuities of label head to tail connect local just reache + / - 0.5 mm.
    • 03The jockey for position type adjustment, different workpiece labels switching simple.
    • 04Adopt the synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved.
    • 05the semi auto square bottle labeling machine adopts the anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy stents and advanced computer white box, the beauty is generous.
    • 06 Using advanced electric eye, the object, the label high detection sensitivity.




      • 01Wide application, can meet the 10-100mm diameter range cylinder
      • 02the use of clever extrusion device feeding, just put items, pull the handle to complete labeling
      • 03The body is made of stainless steel, with long service life.
      • 04Using synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability greatly improved.
      • 05Desktop design, Stainless steel body, compact appearance, powerful.
      • 06Using the advanced electric eye detection sensitivity, object, label.
      • 07This machine complies with CE certification



      For all kinds of round,square and irregular shaped objects wrap around labeling.Widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.Date printer can be added to print production date,batch lot and expiry date while labeling.Support customization.

      Parameter Data

      Model SL-100
      Labeling  Accuracy ±0.5mm
      Labeling Speed 25-45pcs/min
      Applicable Dimensions Length:20mm          Width:20-150mm              
      Applicable Labe Size  Width:15-100mm
      Power Supply 220V/50HZ
      Weight 41KG
      Machine Size(LxWxH) About 850mm x 410mm x 720mm

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