New A03 Hand Press Filling Machine

It is easy to operate and suitable for small scale production.

it is widely used in laboratory,hospital or daily chemical industries.


New A03 type manual paste liquid filling machine adopts the structure of piston, which can be used for liquid,paste and other materials filling with 0-50g. The device has a reasonable structure, easy to understand, high precision features.


  • 01Reasonable struture design. Mainly made of stainless steel
  • 02Easy to operate. Needs no other power
  • 03Quantitative filling. Filling quantity and filling speed can be manually controlled
  • 04Parts contacted with liquid or paste part are made of 304 stainless steel. Acid and alkali resistant. Meets GMP requirements.


  • 01. Stainless steel exquisite appearance;
  • 02. Quality assurance, stable performance, and long service life;
  • 03. No electricity, no gas, green and environmental protection, no pollution;
  • 04. The structure of the machine is simple and the operation is convenient;
  • 05. Wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of low-concentration liquid products.


Suitable for food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical industry and other industries.


Parameter Data


New A03

Work Type

Manual Press

Work Speed

20-30 times/min

Filling Range

5-50ml( External Button, adjustable)

Filling Mouth Diameter

7mm x 8mm(Inner diameter x Outer diameter)



Hopper Capacity


Overall Size


Gross Weight


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