TS-4G Desktop Automatic 4 Head Filling Machine

Piston pneumatic Filler is of wide applicability and can be used for doing filling of creams and liquids in the fields of daily chemistry, food and beverage,  pharmacy, chemistry and so on.


Designed for filling paste or thick liquid,this machine can work with desktop capping machine and labeling machine to save your working space and improve your production efficiency.Each nozzle of this machine can be controlled separately,we can customize multiple filling nozzles as your production need.


  • 01Equipped with the pneumatic filling nozzle, which has larger power and can improve filling speed when fill thicker liquid.There is a anti-dripping slot, it can ensure the production cleanliness.The bottle clamping plate will fixed bottles, this prevent that bottles fall down during filling.
  • 02Equipped with 90L large hopper,this better for making the liquid flow faster and can feed filling material in time,improves working speed.
  • 03The filling volume can be adjusted by the black rotary knob.Through the small knob to adjust the air intake and air output, you can indirectly control the filling speed and waiting time of the machine.
  • 04Designed with PLC touch screen control panel, the digital display makes the working data be visual and can watch the working status of the machine in real time,reduce production error.


  • 01Some contact materials are 304/316 stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements;
  • 02SomeAdopts pneumatic working principle, simple operation, high filling precision.
  • 03Advanced and high quality AirTAC pneumatic components.
  • 04Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation, filling high accuracy;
  • 05Widely used by industries in the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical fields;
  • 06An ideal device for low viscosity fluid and liquid filling.


This machine is widely used in food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical industry and other industries.

Parameter Data

Machine model
110/220V 50-60HZ  300W
Filling range
Working speed
20-30bottles/min(based on liquid&filling volume)
Hopper size
Conveyor size
Filling nozzle size
OD 10mm(can choose other size)
Filling accuracy
Machine size
1300*1400*1200 mm

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