KPL-700 Desktop Powder Filling Machine

The machine adopt s PLC control system ,which is semi-automatic powder filling equipment ,it can be used in all kinds of non-artesian powder filling .such as ground spices, milk powder, beans powder ,medicine ,etc


It has the characteristics of fast speed, higher precision, high stability, strong anti-interference, corrosion resistance, convenient cleaning, good appearance and long life. More suitable for packaged food, medicine, chemical and other industries easy to flow or very poor mobility of granular commodities, such as milk powder, solid drinks, sugar, glucose, coffee, feed, solid veterinary drugs, medicine, pesticides, granular additives, dyes and so on.



  • 01Can be adjusted for different sizes of volumes easily.
  • 02All the parts are from world famous brands with stable and durable performance.
  • 03Bench top is very convenient for operation. Efficient and economic.
  • 04Auger dosing with high accuracy.


  • 01This powder filling machine is integrated with machine, electricity, light and instrument. It is controlled by single chip computer. It has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and so on.
  • 02Stepping motor and electronic weighing technology, fast speed and high precision.
  • 03The same quantitative packaging machine can be packed 0.1-100g by adjusting and replacing filling parts of different specifications with the keyboard of electronic scale.
  • 04Errors caused by material specific gravity and material level change can be automatically tracked and corrected.


Used for dry powder, cosmetic powder, milk powder, protein powder,seasoning powder,ground cinnamon,sugar etc.

Parameter Data

Model  KPL-700
Capacity 10-30 pcs/min
Range of measurement 1g-1000g (filling screw need to be replaced)
Volume 16L
Measuring method Screw metering 
Size 550×400×800mm
Weight 85kg
Suitable for bottle height 50-200(mm)
Suitable for bottle diameter 15-100(mm)

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