KP-10 Semi Automatic Round Bottles Labeling Machine Pneumatic

It is suitable for round bottles like wine bottles,water bottles,beverage bottles,fruit cans etc.


It is suitable for round bottles like wine bottles,water bottles,beverage bottles,fruit cans etc.It is widely used in food,drink,cosmetics,pharmaceutical industries.


  • 01Two working mode:Pedal switch control or automatic working mode
  • 02Labeling function:Single side labeling and double side labeling
  • 03Labeling speed is adjustable,improve the working efficiency greatly
  • 04Can be equipped with date printe,make labeling and printing at one machine.
  • 05Intelligent operation panel:Easy to adjust the working data,improve the product quality.


  • 01simple, practical, efficient.
  • 02Adapt variety shape of object in top labeling.
  • 03Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately.
  • 04Synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration.
  • 05Advanced technology of pneumatic coding system, print the batch number and expiry clearly.
  • 06Labeling transparent label without bubble and wrinkle.


This machine for diameter 40mm ~ 100mm round bottle between,Widely used in medicine, food, toys, cosmetics, and other industries,Round containers (such as round bottles, jars and cups) are placed horizontally on rollers and the operator is activated by a hand switch.  Rollers turn the bottle as the label is precisely applied to the bottle. Machine is electrically operated with photoelectrical label detector for high precision. Machine has the ability to suitable for different size of label and round containers.The machine can be customize with pedal switch and according to customer require.

Parameter Data

Labeling speed 
25- 50Pcs/min
Power supply
220V/50HZ/150W 110V/60HZ/110W
Container diameter
Label size
W150 L300
Inner diameter of label roll 
Label roll outer diameter
Machine size 
About 850*380*640mm
Package size
About 605*325*430mm
Package wight
About 30.5kg

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