A02 Pneumatic Filling Machine

This filling machine is suitable for filling cream, shampoo, cosmetic, soup, lube oil etc. It is easy to operate and suitable for small scale production.


A02 type manual paste and liquid filler adopt piston structure, it can fill paste and liquid quantified from 5-50ml. The filler can fill liquid medicine , fluid food,lubricating oil, shampoo, cosmetic and so on.


  • 01This machine structure is simple and reasonable, manual easy operation, without any energy.
  • 02Equipped with filling quantity adjusting device knob, quantitative filling, quantitative filling and filling speed all can control manually.
  • 03The manual filling machine is specially designed by our factory for medium or small size enterprises,laboratory, hospital or beauty parlor in daily use chemical section.
  • 04All the parts which dip in the material are made of stainless steel and polytetrafluorethylene.


  • 01Hopper selected 304 stainless steel materials, long use is not easy to corrosion. Easy to clean, long service life.
  • 02Adopt high quality oil and water separator to ensure the purity of the product.
  • 03The nozzle is made of steel with anti-drip design for more accurate filling
  • 04Foot-operated pneumatic filling, quantitative, precise, convenient and fast, can be used with production line


It used widely in the field of pharmaceutical,cosmetic, food, pesticide and special field.It can also fill into tube sealed. The filler is i deal paste and liquid filler.

Parameter Data

AC 110V/220V
Working speed
20-60 times/minute(up to man speed)
Filling nozzle diameter
Filling model
Filling precision
Hopper capacity
Machine Weight

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