KPL-160HPL Horizonal Type Premade Bag Packing Machine for Liquid/Viscosity Products


Fully automatic horizonal premade bag packing machine is suitable for liquid material packaging in food, medicine, daily necessities, agriculture and other industries, such as ketchup, tartar sauce, pasta sauce, mayonnaise, honey, soy sauce, broth, milk, juice, sports drinks, Body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.


  • 01It is small and can be used in the elevator without site restrictions
  • 02Four process operation, low failure rate and high stability
  • 03The production speed is fast, which can be combined easily, and the speed can be up to 50-60 packets/minute
  • 04One button operation, which can be used immediately after startup, without professional personnel
  • 05No need to add accessories to replace the bag type, good compatibility, suitable for various special-shaped bags
  • 06Liquid materials: purified water, oil, jam, soup, detergent, chemical liquid, etc


  • 01Equipped with stable filler.
  • 02High filling accuracy, fast packing speed, easy to operate and adjust.
  • 03Liner filling and sealing.
  • 04Stainless Steel Construction.


  • 01Suitable for food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical industry and other industries.

Parameter Data

Bag width 80*160mm 90*210mm 150*260mm 200*320mm
Bag length 100*190mm 110*330mm 150*400mm 150*500mm
Packing speed 20-70bags/min 20-60 bags/min 10-60 bags/min 10-50 bags/min
measuring range 5~300ml 50~1000ml 200~2000ml 500~3000ml
Power 3kw50hz 3.5kw 50hz 3.5kw 50hz 3.5kw 50hz
voltage 220/380v 220/380v 220/380v 220/380v
air consumption 0.5m³ 0.5m³ 0.5m³ 0.5m³
weight 600kg 900kg 1100kg 1500kg
size 1400*900*1050 mm 2150*1350*1300 mm 2450*1350*1350 mm 2800*1350*1350 mm

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