KP-35 Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine


Table top labeling machine is suitable for a wide range round bottles labeling needs,and has high quality and efficiency. It adopts the whole high-garde stainless stell and high-garde aluminum alloy ,labeling head using high-speed servo motor to ensure the accuracy and speed of labeling ;all the optoelectronic systems are also used in germany ,japan and taiwan imported high-end products ,PLC with man-machine interface contral , simple operation clear.



    • 01Bottle labelers enable the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects.



    • 02High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically.



    • 03The complete operation is PLC based.



    • 04Can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. Suitable for small production.



    • 05Label head stepper motor



    • 06Emergency safety Off button




      • 01Stainless steel body, beautiful appearance.It's small and takes up little space.



      • 02Automatic photoelectric tracking.It has the functions of no label, no label automatic calibration and label automatic detection.Avoid wasting labels and missing stickers.



      • 03Automatic bottling mechanism.Improve the stability, effectively eliminate the bottle error caused by the bottle parting unsmooth.



      • 04Adopt well-known imported components.High quality materials, fine workmanship.



      • 05Batch operation, simple operation and easy maintenance.Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.



      • 06Touch screen control, with automatic stop function.



      This automatic labeling machine is suitable for single side labeling on round bottles.Automatic stop function; Production number setting prompt; Save parameter Settings; Save electricity and other advantages.In the operation interface, it has teaching functions, and the operation of parameter modification and function switching is very simple. High stability, good operation performance and good labeling effect.

      Parameter Data

      Model KP-38
      Voltage 220V /110V
      Power 450W
      Product Round bottle
      Labeling speed 10-40 times/min
      Labeling accuracy ±1mm
      Min.label roll inner diameter 76mm
      Max. label roll out diameter φ260mm
      Product size (Bottle diameter) Φ20-150mm
      Label size

      L:100-200mm  H:10-150mm

      Machine size 1135*650*720mm
      Machine weight 125 kg
      Wood box dimensions 1240*710*860mm


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