KP-200 Automatic Top and Bottom Labeling Machine for Box and Bottle

It is suitable for replacing scale mechanism cover uneven surface labeling, the product is widely used in large flat labeling .


Supplies to the various items attached to the upper surface of labels or adhesive film, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons, etc., 
suitable for replacing scale mechanism cover uneven surface labeling, the product is widely used in large flat labeling .


  • 01The sensor detects the product passes the signal returned to the labeling control systems.
  • 02Signal processing through the PLC.
  • 03Sent at the appropriate time on the product label attached to the set position.
  • 04The product flows through the overlying standard device label securely covered , a label attached to the action is completed.
  • 05Stable labeling accuracy: coping wheel is used for smoothing work piece, stable delivery, warping removing and accurate labeling;the sophisticated design of adjustment part, the label rounding and optional six positions for labeling make product change and label rounding simple and time-saving.
  • 06Intelligent control: Automatic photoelectric tracking that avoids idle labeling while correcting and detecting labels automatically, so as to prevent mislabeling and label waste.


  • 01Stable card sorting: advanced sorting - reverse thumbwheel technology is used for card sorting.
  • 02Speedy card sorting and labeling: for monitoring code labeling on drug cases, production speed can reach 200 articles/minute or above;
  • 03Wide application scope: support labeling on all kinds of cards, paper sheets, and unfolded cartons.
  • 04Power saving , indication of labeled bottles and protection of parameter setting (hierarchical authority to parameter setting) bring much convenience to production and management.


  • 01For label: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
  • 02Requirements in the plane, a large curvature surface or membrane attached label products.
  • 03Widely used in printing, stationery, food, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
  • 04Flat labeling books, folders, labeling, packaging and labeling boxes, plates labeling and so on.

Parameter Data

Model KP-200
Labeling  Accuracy ±1mm
Labeling Speed 40-120pcs/min
Applicable Dimensions Length 40mm-400mm
Width 40mm-200mm
Height 0.2mm-150mm
Applicable Labe Size Length 6mm-250mm
Width 20mm-160mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Weight 280KG
Machine Size(LxWxH) 1600mm x 780mm x 1400mm
Delivery Time 3-7Days
Type Manufacture, Factory,Suppier
Packaging Wooden box

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